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Kevin O’Keefe – Kevin O’Keefe – is an award winning writer. He has published stories, editorials, profiles, poems and essays in Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, The Commons, XR creative, Green Toad, PoemCity, Bloodroot, Spectacle, Potash Hill, The Brattleboro Reformer & Words Trail. He is the author of the memoir -  A Fire Somewhere, the first chapter of which  won first prize from Writer’s Advice. Kevin's "cli-fi" novel Iron Shaggy asks the question: What happens when a small town police officer with an opiod addiction finds a baby mammoth and eight others living in the Adirondacks?


Kevin is the founder of Circus Minimus and the national non-profit The American Youth Circus Organization. In another life he was a SAG and Equity actor in NYC. Along with his wife-Erin Maile, he co-founded the practice and community of CircusYoga aka The Human Art of Play. He lives in Vermont in a tiny home Erin designed and built.



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