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me, me, and me.

Kevin O’Keefe – has published stories, poems and essays in Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood, The Commons, Green Toad, Poem City, Poems Around Town, Bloodroot, Potash Hill, The Brattleboro Reformer & Spectacle. His chapbook of poetry Snapshots of Dry-docks was edited by Will Eno. He is the author of the memoir—A Fire Somewhere, the first chapter of which won the Scintillating Starts prize from Writer’s Advice.

Kevin's "cli-fi" novel Mammoth: It’s March, 2023. A blizzard barrels into the Adirondack State Park. “Should be a quiet night with no one on the roads,” thinks a small-town Sheriff, Justin McClain. So he pops just half an Oxycontin, to take the edge his chronic pain. Any mild addiction issues will be dealt with just as soon as he gets over the loss of his wife - Claire. That snowy night, Cal Elkin’s snow plow hits the slippy-slide on some black ice, and a routine traffic accident takes an other-worldly turn when an adolescent wooly mammoth - Iron Shaggy emerges from the snow bank. When Iron Shaggy  screams Claire’s name before running off into the night , Justin McClain is left with too many questions and no clear answers. Which of the men finds Iron Shaggy, and heeds a message of ancestor wisdom, may determine the fate of a planet in climate collapse.


Kevin is the founder of Circus Minimus and the national non-profit The American Youth Circus Organization. In another life he was a SAG and Equity actor in NYC. Along with his wife-Erin Maile, he co-founded the practice and community of CircusYoga aka The Human Art of Play. He lives in Vermont in a tiny home Erin designed and built.

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